1993 Honda Del Sol custom
Owner: jb jb (jellybean)
Date Added: 12/10/2008
Date Updated: 02/19/2009
Ride Specs

APC intake - air intake
Centerforce Clutch - performance
DC S Header
JDM High Flow Cat
Evo 2 Exhaust Cat back


Custom Lighting Auto Shifter boot and ebrake boot
El Glow Reverse Gauges
Interior Neon


One piece Headlights
Tinted Windows
Custom Paint - custom
Kamanri body kit
driving lights - 7 color series
Street Glow underbody kit(s) - Purple and Green Neon
wheel well LED light kit
Altezza tail lights


Motegi FF5 Wheels - 17 x 7, 5 x 100
Toyo Proxes 4 Tires - 205 x 45 x 17


Tein SS Coil Overs
Skunk2 Front and rear Camber Kits
DC Sport Front Tower Bar
DC Sport Rear Tower Bar


Viper alarm system
Rockford amp - 1051S
Rockford amp - 551X
Polk Speakers (2) sets - 6 1/2 db6500
Orion Subs (2) - H2 10 -
Sony head unit - 7705

Future Mods

twin turbo with nos
vertical doors

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 03/14/2009
oh and uh, my motor swap alone cost me $10,000. type r shift boot. front lip, rear lip. SI wheels. black housing headlights. those are all nice for the people who like OEM/JDM parts. i also have TEIN lowering springs. one of the good things you went for. Tein is good. my pioneer head unit is good too.


ive probably wasted about another $6000 before i went the JDM way. i would have saved so much money and have more to do with my car or other things if i never did that ricer stuff before. but oh well. everybody starts off that way, and does what i did. atleast everyone ive known has. but good luck

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 03/14/2009
im not trying to hate or nothing, but im just saying. if you go the JDM route, things are more expensive, and also are worth it and last longer. other than brands like APC, or altezza lights. aftermarket lights, they usually go bad after a little bit. and all the extra stuff you have just adds weight. i went your route, minus the paint combo you have. 18 inch rims, and bodykit. bodykits dont last long, and when there ruined, it aint as easy to replace. the rims slowed me down. my headlights and tail lights when go out now and then. then i fell in love with the OEM/JDM look. it just looks cleaner. its easier. and no one can call me a ricer. its a little more expensive for the good parts (JDM) type r door panels are like 350 a piece. type r black housing headlights go for like 4-$500. red type r recaro seats (the real ones, not the fakes) are like $1000. the list can go on. but again. im not hating. i was only giving my honest opinion.

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 03/08/2009
im going with everyone elses comments here. i mean, that is alot of money wasted on cheap stuff, and to be slow none the less. but if thats theway you like it, then just keep going for it i guess. and a twin turbo on a honda doesnt happen. good luck

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 02/16/2009
Classic Tuner "look". I like it. Very "Fast and Furious". Keep it up

Posted By: JayKnight98Lude
Date: 12/17/2008
OMG Its....Julia. Hey I know this car, I met you at Mega-Maxx and US Play in ATL. I have the two-tone Prelude. Anyways, nice to see it up on the site. Hope you have fun here. Drop me a line sometime. Car looks great.

Later !!!

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 12/11/2008
If you really paid all that for everything you listed, you got Super Screwed Homie!

Evo 2 Exhaust Cat back - $550.00?????

Altezza tail lights - $200.00????

Tinted Windows - $200.00???

Who ever Hooked your Sol up, got Paid!!

One more Thing.

For your Future Modifications:

What does Twin Turbo Mean? :-/

Hit me Back >>>Later<<<

Posted By: 00LXCIVIC
Date: 12/10/2008
Sweet looking car