1991 Honda Accord
Owner: David Ropp (Hondachrome91)
Date Added: 04/26/2004
Date Updated: 04/27/2004
Ride Specs

MsD spark plug wires, ingen cold air intake , Ractive headers


Black Leather


Silver with black trim


Chrome 17" Alpine alp rims


lowering springs forgot the name. gold line or something


two 12" subs, powered by two caps and 4 300w alpine amps. infinity speakers all around.

Future Mods

strobe lights in the headlights and illuminators for the headlights as well

Posted By: wcmracing2
Date: 01/26/2006
week why auto

Posted By: prorepo
Date: 05/06/2004
And by the way .....SWEET Alpine system !

Posted By: prorepo
Date: 05/06/2004
As accordwarrior said , i tend to agree with the swap with the H22 , it seems my research turned out to be better , and less haggling with the SOHC F22 series , im going with the H22 VTEC , just ordered the complete unit from ebay , and it should be here soon , but dont plan on having it done this year , im going through the whole unit from trans , clutch , and complete overhaul . Im getting a Vortech supercharger (less heat than a turbo) , im getting the brackets made soon , and get this thing together . Thanks for looking , Accords Rule !

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 05/02/2004
Hey man...sorry if I confused you...the 91 SE and 92-93 EX motors were the F22a6, as opposed to the F22a4 in the 90-91 EX and the F22a1 in the 90-91 LX/DX...since you already have the F22a6, ignore my comments on the manifold, you already have the benefits of it...my other comments were just about the standard bolt ones like the Apex'i World Sport Exhaust and stuff, there aren't too many other things you can do to the F22 without getting radical like a cam regrind or a turbo kit, and for what would would pay to have that done, you'd be better off with the motor swap...as far as the Integra thing...I was just telling you the OEM spoiler will fit a CB7 perfectly...that's all...sorry for any confusion

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 04/30/2004
Not a bad start...there are plenty of ways to make these CB7's go faster...you never said which edition you have as far as trim, but since you have leather and silver, I'm thinking there's a good chance you have an SE...which if I'm right has the F22a6 motor...if you don't, swapping the intake manifold off a 92-93 Ex, pulling the ECU and IAB will give you the dual runner intake setup, which opens butterflies @ 4700 rpm, which give you a boost in power, its the reason why the 92-93 EX and 91 SE had 140 hp, another option is doing the all conquering H22 swap, but it is pricey, but worth it...a catback system will also help...something like an Apex'i World Sport will give you power without sounding like a weed wacker on steriods...as far as the body...if you're not going with a kit find some oem fogs...they look really nice, I just threw a set on myself...if you do go with a kit, I would say stay away from Black Widow...everyone has them on CB7's...and they're getting played out...a stock style spoiler would look nice too...an OEM integra spoiler from 90-93 will fit and look stock too, I have one in my cellar and noticed that its a perfect fit...doing somethign to the front grill would look pretty nice too I think...all and all a nice start and keep up the good work...

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 04/29/2004
Oh yah, and thanks for your comments.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 04/29/2004
Well, your on this site because you want to fix it up. I dont think its a wast of money unless your living with your parents at age 28 or older, or you have a hard time paying bills, etc. Sounds like you dont have that problem, so lets build your ride. Just my two cents. You want the body kit, I say get it. Hope I helped.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 04/27/2004
Trunk looks great.