1991 Honda CRX dx
Owner: josh (civicrxman)
Date Added: 08/26/2007
Date Updated: 08/26/2007
Ride Specs

i put a magnaflow cat back exhaust other than that it is a stock d15 my next plan is to do a cold air intake


all stock at the moment


all stock too i planon leaving it thast way no matter what i do under the hood for that sleeper look


i got the wheels off a 88 civic si im not sure if they are origonally from that car or not they do have the honda "H" on the center caps if anyone knows what they are origonally from i'd like to know




sony cd player and sony speakers

Future Mods

wing cold air intake jdm engine swap

Posted By: george323
Date: 08/29/2007
yeah, like they said. Those wheels come off a integra GSR. I love those fat five bro. Im looking for a pair. Those are really popular right now.

anyways, good looking rex =)

Posted By: ef_hatch
Date: 08/27/2007
YO, Nice Rex your wheels are Fat fives off of a 1990-1993 Integra, but they good honda wheels. they will look real good when and if you lower your Rex.

Posted By: BlkAccd
Date: 08/26/2007
The wheels look like they're from an Acura Integra '94-'95 Gsr, but without the center caps, they could be knock offs. Anyways, they look good on crx's.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 08/26/2007
Those wheels are from a DC-chassis Integra. They came on the GSRs in 94 and 95 I believe. Sometimes people refer to them as "Fat Fives."