1997 Honda Accord SE
Owner: Matt (hondadude141)
Date Added: 06/16/2007
Date Updated: 07/11/2008
Ride Specs

Ebay header
3A Racing muffler
NGK Iridium plugs
BWD Premium wires
BWD cap and rotor

Future mods:
SrS Catback
High flow cat. or Magnaflow cat
Throttle body
Either an H22A swap or turbo


Interior Blue LED lighting
A/F Ratio guage (not yet installed)

Future Mods:
s2000 steering wheel
carbon fiber dash kit


SiR accord black housing headlights
6000K H.I.D. kit
black housing/clear lense bumper lights

Future Mods:
Carbon fiber hood


Stock Special Edition Accord Rims in 195/65/15 Pirelli P3000

17's or 18's "Euro" 2 spoke rims


Hawk Performance Ferro-Carbon pads
Street Heat Cross-Drilled brake rotors
Skunk2 sport struts & Skunk2 lowering springs with a 2.5" drop


Pioneer mp2800 head unit
2 - Pioneer 3way 6X6 (150 watts)
2 - Pioneer 3way 6X9 (200 watts)

Future Mods

Read under each section

Posted By: TECKNINE01
Date: 11/10/2009
hey whats up i have the same car i only have 2 pic up b/c i have just got on tha site i have not done anything 2 it b/c all my $$$ want 2 a swap in a 93 nissan sentra wit a ser20de and a auto 2 manual swap but now iam 2 do something honda nice car

Posted By: theflores19
Date: 03/20/2008
yeah took the wing off, gotta update some photos! sweet car though

Posted By: Desertstorm
Date: 03/15/2008
So you are going boost, huh? I say DO IT!

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 02/29/2008
i ordered a megan racing header off e bay, i cant wait to get it in

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 02/27/2008
can u feel the diffrence with those headers?

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 02/18/2008
im gonna have to look that up. r u gonna convert ur car to a manual

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 02/15/2008

Posted By: 34343
Date: 01/01/2008
Thanks man. I got the tail lights from my brother friends garage. He orders them from his catalogs. Im workin on getting a turbo kit from him, hes getting me a good discount on one for about $500 for the manifold and the turbo.

Posted By: nspec
Date: 12/30/2007
very clean man. keep it that way.

u should make dropping hte car ur top priority.

that was the last thing i wanted to do to my car, cause i was so skeptical about it, but after my friends convinced me and i dropped it. I couldn't believe i waited so long for it.

Posted By: 34343
Date: 12/30/2007
Dude I think i stole ur car. Check it out, both our cars look the same.


Posted By: J30A
Date: 11/29/2007
D@mn, your car is glowing!!! What brand LEDs did you go with for your neon underbody and the wheel well?

Posted By: HondaChick
Date: 11/19/2007
Hey, thanks. Your ride is very clean. I like the undercarrage lights. I don't think you should swap over to a manual. Everybody is always like "automatics suck, they have no real power..." Dude, what they don't know is an automatic has a huge advantage to a manual when racing! The reason why is if you have a racing transmission, all you have to do is pop it from N to D and the reaction time is way better. In fact, when they first came out with manual transmissions, way back when, they had to ban the automatics from the big races because they would just kill it, for real, no joke. If anything get an engine first or the turbo.

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 11/18/2007
i would paint it dat color but it seems like people on this site dont like them colors and plus,, ma frend has the same car in black, and we going for like a twin thing!! dont get me wrong in the future dat sounds like a good color,, ooo and i think u shuld convert to stick auto FREAKIN sucks

Posted By: Blazeteck
Date: 10/14/2007
Very clean ride everything almost looks OEM. check mines out

Posted By: hahakenny
Date: 09/30/2007
Car looks nice and clean! I had underglows also but because I had crappy coilovers on stock struts previously, my car bounced its way over speedbumps and I managed to pop a neon bulb. Now I just removed the entire thing and put one of the shorter neons in my trunk (to light up when the trunk's open). Anywho nice car too you too!

Posted By: Desertstorm
Date: 09/02/2007
Killing them out there with your neon underglows! I say get a manual swap, man. You'll love it.

Posted By: BlkAccd
Date: 08/28/2007
Thanx for the comment. Your car looks super clean on the inside. The first thing I'd do is put some nice wheels on that baby. I love that color on the Accords. Overall nice ride.

Posted By: jestic
Date: 08/28/2007
lower it and get some feet (rims), that's what I'd do first; then a few engine mods; the lights are cool, not my thing.

the auto to man swap. pain in the ass...! too many problems if not done perfect. I know.. nevermind the turbo too. just engine swap and save the money..

Posted By: nspec
Date: 08/17/2007
what r ur plans for the car? do u want to turn it into a drag racer, street racer, or a show car?

Posted By: kevoweb
Date: 08/16/2007
thanks i try. you're car is looking good. i'd suggest going for the 5spd conversion. it's worth every penny, especially if selling the car is out of the question.

Posted By: Honda Girl
Date: 08/13/2007
it ended up being about $1500 bucks....i got everything seperatly....it was a huge pain in the a$$ though!

Posted By: BUK-LAO
Date: 08/06/2007
well naw just k and n...welll every 1 say u cant do that but u can i runnin it and a lot of ppl down r runnin it to so idk

Posted By: BUK-LAO
Date: 08/03/2007

Posted By: BUK-LAO
Date: 07/30/2007

Posted By: Kojima
Date: 07/26/2007
lol, i cant be whistlin at the hunnies yet, its still not much to look at.

wait till i lower it, and get a new pain job, then ill have something to whistle about :)

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 07/24/2007
Are you going to add the Complete Wood Dash kit or what are you going to do in the Interior?? Are you sure you want to convert to Manuel Tranny >>>Later<<<

Posted By: nspec
Date: 06/19/2007
Hey. I still have those headlights. I got into a wreck last december and things have slowed down a lot for me. and now i'm overseas and wont be back untill like august. i'm probably gonna sell them then, but i'll let you know.

and ur car looks good for a start up. you should get some shocks adn lowering springs.

I wish that would have been the first mod i did. My car handles a lot better and looks awesome dropped.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 06/17/2007
Hmm need soem clear pix of the neaons you got they looknice though ive beenwantignthem a long time agobut Now I dunno ? LOL but they look really nice though! keep it upthough buddy. I gota continue to work on mine.

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 06/16/2007
Nothing wrong with stock.....for now. Good car to start with. One thing you can do, and takes very little money. Actually no money, that is to detail it. Top to bottom, engine(especially), and interior. Compund wax the body and high pressure was the engine bay. Make it look like it just came out of the dealership. Aftermarket goodies come later. Good luck.

Posted By: dsenseney
Date: 06/16/2007
good starting car