2000 Honda Civic Red
Owner: Bryon Marise (raddcivic)
Date Added: 04/05/2007
Date Updated: 09/03/2012
Ride Specs

1.6 SOHC
Fueil rail
cherry bomb with 3in tip
exedy stage 1 clutch
new trans


obx short shifter




ICW Racing Rims 17's




Alpine Head Unit

Future Mods

more boost 4 bar map new intake

Posted By: big_K_soda
Date: 09/14/2010
Yep... still have the car; everything seems to be going great.

Did you swap out your Y7 head for the Y8? How has the turbo setup working?

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 05/03/2009

What else are you going to do to your Head besides the PnP??

Join the Honda Show Off Forum. You can post more Pics there and we can talk about it some more and your Civics.


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Posted By: GreenLantern
Date: 07/21/2007
Like the car mayne i wish i had that type of model keep up the good work its clean

Posted By: JDM EM2
Date: 06/01/2007
Looks OK.. Not a big fan of the wheels. Drop that Beotch.. Omnipower Coils would be dope.

Posted By: big_K_soda
Date: 05/06/2007
Simple and clean... love it! Do you have problems with your paint chipping on your interior parts? What kind of paint did you use?

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 04/12/2007
Bryon, Thanks for the note. I painted it with valve cover paint from AutoZone. I think it's "Ford Red" lol!!!

Take off the cover, clean oil off, lightly sand to scuff it, many coats of paint , sand off "Honda" logo, put back on. Heat from engine sets paint. Needs to be re-done though. Good luck.

Posted By: george323
Date: 04/11/2007
Thanks yeah man..

Hey, i like ur ride. I was thinking of going White and red, since it stands out more. But i dunno. Might go with White and blue.

But, ur car looks good. Are you getting a body kit?

Posted By: hTxEM2
Date: 04/11/2007
I like your engine setup with all those same colored wires really makes it stand out.

Posted By: 4rcefedblusi99
Date: 04/08/2007
Nice interior addition. I like all the red in all of the right places..Makes the car look good in the interior. Keep it up. Good luck on the future mods. Take a look at my ride.

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 04/07/2007
Nice and clean. Interior just a bit too red for me, but nicely done. Engine bay needs some clean-up. You should paint the drums black again. Not really a show-off part. Other than that, I'm liking it alot. Keep it up.