1995 Honda Accord LX
Owner: Robert (ucmugenaccord)
Date Added: 02/28/2006
Date Updated: 03/01/2006
Ride Specs

2.2L sohc v tec
Tsudo full cat back exhaust
Tsudo air intake


Carbon fiber Type R style shift knob
Type R shift boot
Carbon fiber pedals


Touring wing
Carbon fiber honda emblems


18" racing hart c5's with toyo proxies


Tsudo coilovers


Panasonic CD deck
All around pioneer door speakers

Future Mods

New paint job with, Mugen side skirts, front and rear mugen lip, mugen grille, carbon fiber hood and thats about it for looks

Posted By: nspec
Date: 11/28/2006
hey man. i'm gonna be selling my headlights pretty soon, (as soon as I get me custom ones ready) plus i'll throw in the clear side markers and the clear front bumper. let me know if u are interested. i wanted to let u guys know before i put'em up on ebay for sale.

the only thing u might not like will the corner the passenger side corner light, that was repaired.

so here is what will be included:

- black housing headlights w/ corner lights. w/ Sylvania Bright White light bulbs included ( just those alone were like 40 bucks and both are new.

- clear front bumper lights w/ some nice blue bulbs

- clear jdm type fender lights.

look at my pictures to see whats included.

i'll email u more if u need em.

Posted By: namscam
Date: 09/18/2006
what do you have on here that's mugen rite now??

Posted By: b20vtec
Date: 05/18/2006
what up pimp, when u gonna put some pics of ur new header up. Yeaahhh lets go snowboarding wit da white girls LOL

Posted By: ucmugenaccord
Date: 03/04/2006
thanks for the feed back, just wait till later it will be nice waiting till weather gets nice all the time and save money! i dont have engine or interior pics because its stock on both so u should know what it looks like. and yes i sawped out the motor to a ex vtec motor, my stock blew up so i just replaced it with that for now! well later

Posted By: nspec
Date: 03/03/2006
It looks great man. What about some engine and interior pics? Also love the wing u got there. I might get one of those too.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 03/02/2006
Did you swap the EX motor? Because if you're still using the stock LX motor than you don't have VTEC. Nice ride though, very clean looking!

Posted By: b20vtec
Date: 03/02/2006
d@m dude ur whip looks good with those wheels keep up da good work PEACEout atown down HA HA HA!

Posted By: Got2GruV
Date: 03/02/2006
looks good. . . . . no nod for bodykits. . . . i like the way it is right now. . . .simple and clean!


Posted By: Chris Styles
Date: 03/02/2006
Nice accord... I think you should take off the spoiler... Should look super clean... But I give you props over all... late

-Chris Styles

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 03/01/2006
Dang dude looks pretty cool to me. reminds me of my old car, but hey could you take more pics though? Since ya got black steelies id like to see it more veiws of the car you know since my Accord was never in maroom with black rims. you can see a link to my old ride in my profile. well keep it up yo and if you can check my current ride ( same car i Had b4 that was Maroon but got totaled so now I have a Silver one)

peace out yo


Posted By: Civic=sweet
Date: 02/28/2006
Where are the 18's at? Nice start, this year accord aint that bad looking.