1993 Honda Del Sol sohc vtec
Owner: Sol (Sleek)
Date Added: 04/21/2004
Date Updated: 09/13/2005
Ride Specs

iceman cold air intake, 5zigen exhaust


red n white interior, 5" rpm tach w/ shift light , 2 gauges in pillar


Custom front lip, buddy club back bumper , n spoiler off a certain make of a car which i dun wanna say. custom side skirt, red tint, clear corners, altezza tail lights, side markers


5zigen w/ yokohoma paradas 17" x 7"


apc coil overs...big mistake haha too bouncy


i got stuff, but rather not say

Future Mods

lots more

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 07/03/2006
i like it. is it qwik?

Posted By: Bling_Bling
Date: 09/10/2005
Pretty nice car.

Posted By: yankeeboy
Date: 01/29/2005
lovin the pocket rocket

Posted By: 99_hb_on_air
Date: 12/28/2004
that sucks...who would steal 1 windshield wiper? ;-)

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 08/24/2004
hey i like the new lip! i envy u!! del sols really r the best... =D

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 07/31/2004
NICE! and clean as hell! wow! i love sols....

Posted By: CiviCsta
Date: 04/29/2004
very clean sol after the lip has been put on, imo i would take the *** altezzas off though..

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 04/22/2004
Looks great. Keep up the good work.

Posted By: civichatch98
Date: 04/21/2004
Nice Sole.....very clean looks great

Posted By: Renik
Date: 04/21/2004
not bad at all.

i like the front lip. keep it clean.