1993 Honda Del Sol S
Owner: Danielle Tudor (neon)
Date Added: 04/16/2004
Date Updated: 06/15/2004
Ride Specs

Iceman Intake
Dc Sports Header 4-2-1
Strut tower bar
Greddy Exhaust with 2 1/2 flow


Momo carbon fiber shift knob
Aluminum Racing pedals
Brushed Aluminum dash kit


Invader Full body kit
Extreme Rear Bumper
GTR Invader spoiler
Custom Indigo Pearl Paint
Shaved Emblems
Clear Corners
Carbon Fiber Altezza Tail lights


17" 6 spoke white revo's
Toyo low profile tires


coilover kit


Alpine deck
Alpine 6.5's throughout
2 Alpine subwoofers
Custom Sub enclosure built in trunk
800 watt Alpine amp

Future Mods

Vtec motor
Mugen Racing seats

Posted By: tunersport18
Date: 03/17/2007
nice ride! body kit and color look good

Posted By: ballaxbaybee1
Date: 07/23/2005
nice del sol nicest one i have seen in awhile

Posted By: lude_speed91
Date: 05/11/2005
pretty sick del sol my bro got a 96 your is sweet colour is cool 2 great work on it even better u cna do ti yoru self peep mine see what yea think

Posted By: TheBull
Date: 09/05/2004
this del sol is sickkkkkkkkk alsome rims

Posted By: Andrew 11111111
Date: 08/20/2004
Lose the wing because no matter what other people say it takes away from ur car other than that i love tha car

Posted By: 1sicksi
Date: 08/12/2004
i finally voted on your car, you have done a wondrful job. keep up on it, and what ever you do dont let anyone put it down. much respect. -----1 sicksi--------

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 08/09/2004

Posted By: Cryptonic
Date: 08/03/2004
graphics are nice but if you go a lil overboard your car looks like busted well i am not sure i am allowed to say what i wanted to. hit me up on aim c1a1l1i or yahoo motion_inthe_ocean. me located in conneticut, and you?

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 08/02/2004
i LOVE DEL SOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: 1sicksi
Date: 07/29/2004
i have already looked at your car. like the paint job, not to fond of wings but yours looks great. thanks for complement on my dash. it cost me 300 plus my old dash and alot of hard work. lol

Posted By: Cryptonic
Date: 07/23/2004
Gotta show love to girls who work on cars! Hit me up and i will roll anywhere with you in my Sol.

Posted By: d@vid
Date: 06/28/2004
I love it. I wish my girl new the difference between a rim and a hub cap, much respect!!! What you've done looks great!!

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 06/16/2004
lookin awsome! my girl fell in love with it!

Posted By: 1lowsol
Date: 06/15/2004
nice clean sol!! check mine out!

Posted By: manny
Date: 06/15/2004

Posted By: dasol_man
Date: 06/11/2004
hot car don't really liike the color anf the wing is hot man

Posted By: dasol_man
Date: 06/10/2004
hot car needs repaint don't like that but hey if you like it so wut right man that bitch talkin about he dont like the wing needs to shut up that is bitchin

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 05/28/2004
lookin good, not real fond of the spoiler though..

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 05/24/2004
wow neat looking rear bumper

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 05/16/2004
I agree im not big on spoilers, or body kits for that matter, but you pulled it off very well, Its acually pleasing to look at. I'd like to see whats going on in the rear of the car( so i can see the whole car) but from what i see the exterior looks quite nice. nice color too

Posted By: 1sickcivic
Date: 05/13/2004
Nice ride.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 05/12/2004
No problem, and good luck.

Posted By: dvsciv
Date: 05/12/2004
thats nice, and thanks for checking out mine

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 05/07/2004
Im not familiar with Washington shows, but check out these websites. You could start off by showing at some local shows in the stock devision, and work up from there.



When you go to these shows, ask around to find other local shows. Hope I helped you out.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 05/04/2004
It depends on where you live. Are you in so cal.?

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 04/19/2004
Nice work.

Posted By: Vtec_Flow
Date: 04/17/2004
car looks good i love the spoiler.....most people hate spoilers but it looks good on ur car keep up tha goodd wrok man