1993 Honda Del Sol blue
Owner: hector orellana (RASER84)
Date Added: 11/21/2003
Date Updated: 07/10/2005
Ride Specs

crv b16 block with a b18c5 head, regular k&n filter. 4-1 gready heaters




shaved door handles aerospeed wing si front conversion r33 front bumper extreme back bumper extreme sides


konig 17" rims with low pro toyo tires


neuspeed 2.0" drop


2 12" audioband subs 2 alpine 6*9
audioband 1200 amp alpine mp3 player

Future Mods

lambo doors, s2000 back light conversion, turbo or supercharged

Posted By: chris42192
Date: 08/26/2008
mann what happen did u crash it?

Posted By: vd_112685
Date: 06/07/2006
did you have to cut the front fender for the si conversion or did you just put an si fender on cuz i have a del sol and a civic but i dont like the front end of the delsol that much

Posted By: horrse
Date: 09/22/2005
wow nice conversions... those rota's does look way to small for your car... good thing you got a new set

Posted By: projektcivic
Date: 07/10/2005
cars dont fly... why do you have a WING on there?!haha no for real other than that... your car.. its gorgeous!!! i still give it A+!!!

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 12/23/2004
I would agree with everyone about the wing,but nice overall.

Posted By: BrandonJay_1983
Date: 12/14/2004
Damn man...you know how to get it done! Love the conversions shaving and just ....the whole car ! Keep it up my friend!

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 08/02/2004
i like how uv painted the wing... i hate it when folks don't

Posted By: civic/usa
Date: 06/19/2004

Posted By: civic/usa
Date: 06/19/2004
Your car is my favorite car, Where did you get your wheels i wana get those for my del sol - - - - what are those lights called and where did you get your fin - - - - you car is a A++++++

Posted By: Daishi
Date: 02/25/2004
That thing is nice. The wing could stand to be lost, but at least it's color-matched. GREAT Del Sol.

Posted By: 99_hb_on_air
Date: 01/09/2004
99-00 front looks good, donate the wing to your local airport, possibly drop the car a bit more. good work so far. check out my 99 hatch on air. http://www.hondashowoff.com/profile.php?id=3286

Posted By: madmax
Date: 12/09/2003
great job on rebuilding the car, mad props for all the hard word!

Posted By: Tsuwabuki
Date: 11/21/2003
Wow. That restructured front end is awesome. The wing kind of hurts it though. I'd go with something a bit smaller. Still, car's awesome. Keep up the good work.