1998 Honda Civic DX to SI
Owner: Jason (EBPhatchNC)
Date Added: 10/05/2003
Date Updated: 10/05/2003
Ride Specs

98 b18b block, crank, rods.
92 JDM SIR 2 head, manifold and ecu
JDM CTR pistons
STR cams gears
AEM intake


99 civic Si (em1) Dash and heater core
99 civic Si (em1) gauge cluster
99 civic Si (em1) Center dash console w heater ctrls
99 civic Si (em1) CD player
99 civic Si (em1) Center console with armrest
99 civic Si (em1) Shift knob and shift boot
Sparco speed seats and rails
Sparco Clubman racing harnesses
99 Interga LS rear seats


Painted electron blue pearl(SI blue)
99 front end conversion
-hood, headlights, front girll, front bumper and fenders.
VIS carbon fiber hood
CTR front grill and F. lip
CTR rear lip
Carbon Fiber R. spoiler


18" Racing HaRT Cp-035's powdercoated black
Nitto NT450 in 215/35/18's


GSR front strut brace
Skunk2 Coilovers
Skunk2 Extended wheel studs
Skunk2 Ultra-light lug nuts
GSR front brakes
Rear disc conversion


not yet still a project

Future Mods


Posted By: zZz-CivicCx-zZz
Date: 05/29/2007
NICE RIDE....Love that color and u got a nice engine...GO HATCH

Date: 11/02/2006
nice ride

Posted By: Redline96LX
Date: 02/22/2006
Thats actually really really nice. I like how that first pic looks good. Your the first person I know to make the eyelids improve the look of the car, rather than rice it up. Sexy *****, Very nice work. I know how ya feel. My civic is a LX but with the mods, its somewhere above EX level...sorta.

Posted By: dragyn00
Date: 01/11/2006
awesome....like what you did to the honda..peace

Posted By: TLS_GSXR_EG6
Date: 09/18/2004
very clean, nice job you have done although some 17's or 16's would have made it look sick.

Posted By: Silverbolt
Date: 09/14/2004
Nice ride. Very clean. Like the rims. The side shot of your car kinda looks like its floating.

Posted By: Malachiman
Date: 09/01/2004
Nice clean hatch. Not keen on the eyelids but it's your own style. What rear disc conversion did you swap for? Just curious. That's my next thing if I don't sell it first. ha

Posted By: jgard6969
Date: 06/15/2004
Never did like the 99's center dash/heater cntrls, other than that, it looks like a decent ride, you should just change the red seats. It looks bad.. You should paint up the some parts of the interior (like the vents, and around the center and stuff) with that electron blue to kinda add a different than stock look to the dash. But hey, I'd drive it. I got a 98 Civic 1.6 SOHC VTEC with a Garrett T3/T4 turbo, ex/si ecu modded. Top end speed=160mph, and Hp=roughly 250. wanna race?

Posted By: Daishi
Date: 06/14/2004
It will always be a DX? Not really, if it has different engine and lots of changes. It's not an Si, but its not longer a DX either. Either way, sweet hatch. I love to see clean EK's.

Date: 05/11/2004
a dx is a dx.....nice ride though....

Posted By: CiviCsta
Date: 01/07/2004
lose the ricey front kit and the ricey eyelids...but the rest is aite

Posted By: honda04civic
Date: 12/29/2003
retard, your car will always be a DX, don't forget that.. looks great for a DX

Posted By: mycarsslow
Date: 12/13/2003
love this car

Posted By: cdubb77
Date: 11/03/2003
I love the full frontal pic with the eyelids, hood and front lip. Phat Hatch!