1992 Honda Accord LX
Owner: Matt C (cordsport)
Date Added: 09/11/2003
Date Updated: 06/07/2005
Ride Specs

F22a1 engine
Custom Intake with blue APC filter
Custom Cat Back Exhaust 2 1/4" pipe
Bomz Racing GT 2 spec muffler w/ 4.5" outlet
Blue wire loom
NGK platinium spark plugs
NGK blue spark plug wires
New Downpipe


Blue vents
Obx fire extinguisher
Blue racing pedals
Grey mats keping it clean


Clear corners w/ xenon bulbs
Clear Bumpers w/ xenon bulbs
Painted Gunmetal Grill and Wipers
White Emblems
M3 mirrors with turn blue led signal


RSS Heisel Gunmetal 17's
Wanli 205/40ZR17s


Painted Metallic blue break calipers


2 Mtx 10" subs in box
600 watt Kenwood amp
Sony Xplod 3 ways in front doors
Polk audio 6 1/2's in rear deck
Sony Xplod headunit

Future Mods

DIY rust fix on the normal rsut spot
Debate to keep car or buy a new one

Posted By: 92AccordLX
Date: 11/02/2005
sweet accord looks a bit like mine, check mine out sometime. latez

Posted By: HondaTuner4267
Date: 09/14/2004
The low beams are not as great as i expected......but the high beams are unbelieveable......on low beam they give off a color like no other lights.....just a tip dont buy cheap bulbs cuz you'll end up replacing them way too often....thanks for the feedback

Posted By: HondaTuner4267
Date: 09/13/2004
1-Piece headlights would look good.......check out my '92 accord

Posted By: elph37
Date: 09/13/2004
nice whip, thats a phat si in the background haha.

Posted By: SteeleBlue42
Date: 09/10/2004
yea i got them from wheelsnext. Hella good deal. I like your honda

Posted By: Malachiman
Date: 09/02/2004
Thanks for the comments. Don't worry that money that your spending for college will come back to ya in the long run.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 08/24/2004
Hey...those pics are much much better, I retract my previous comments bro, you're car is looking nice, can't wait to see it with the rims. Check out mine sometime, I'm just getting started too! Later....

Posted By: Malachiman
Date: 08/13/2004
I gotta give any college kids props for stickin' with it. Gotta see new pics.. Nice car and never give up...

Posted By: cordsport
Date: 03/05/2004
Here are some pics....i just got a digital camera, so we're all set :)

Posted By: Dave
Date: 11/11/2003
It would be better to post a pic of the actual car. Cuz that looks 100% stock.

Posted By: 94accordex
Date: 10/23/2003
Here's an idea for you: POST A PIC OF THE CAR WITH THE MODS ON IT! I can go to any used car dealership around here and see something like this, I want to see a modified car!