1995 Honda Del Sol VTEC
Owner: Jason Andrews (DelSolVTEC95)
Date Added: 12/13/2002
Ride Specs

AEM Cold Air Intake


Nothing yet....


Blitz front bumper
Extreme Rear
Invader Sides
Custom white flame graphics


Edge Concept 6


Aerospeed adjustable coilovers



Future Mods

H22A Engine swap, if anyone has any info for me let me know

Posted By: Frostbite635
Date: 05/19/2006
Be nice if the hood was red to

Posted By: DJ Hizzle
Date: 09/16/2005
very nice

Posted By: GENESIS
Date: 03/11/2005
nice, looks hot.. i think u should pain the bonnet but hey its ur car, keep it up

Posted By: yankeeboy
Date: 01/29/2005
swwet ass dude these are the cars kids dream of having

Posted By: swl83
Date: 12/29/2004
forget the haters. they just want every1 riding in a stock black motor, bet if u were at at show, ud have a queue of honeys after ur cell phone,while they had some geek after their chasais numbers

Posted By: sergio_fuentez
Date: 12/10/2004
I like it, if it were mine I might paint the hood but otherwise it's good.

Posted By: civicsir boi
Date: 03/21/2004
lol ''rice rocket"

Posted By: lost Sol
Date: 12/18/2003
yeah i agree with pissedoffsol, your car looks like a frickin plane or space ship......."aye scotty we need more power to the warp core....im givin her all shes got capn" lose the wing and flames and paint your hood red, cuz even if it is carbon fiber it looks like crap

Posted By: pissedoffsol
Date: 09/09/2003
Oh........ my.............. god..........

Delta called, they want their airplan back