1998 Honda Civic EX
Owner: Rico Collins (ricdiablo)
Date Added: 07/10/2002
Date Updated: 07/12/2002
Ride Specs

Pampered with No Modifications.
Mobil 1 Synthetic 0W30 Oil -- 1st love


- Leather Wheel wrap
- Stitched Black Leather Si Shift knob and boot
- Si Headrests
- Lower console upgraded to 2000 model console.
- "Civic Type R" Seatbelt Pads for rear

Crystal Method - "Vegas" CD - the car likes this CD.


- Front Chin Spoiler
- Black Projector Beam Headlights with "Angel Eyes" Halos
- 6000Kelvin HID Kit for Headlamps
- Si Rear Tail Lamps
- Removed the stock EX spoiler :-P
- Chrome exhaust tip
- "SOHC VTEC" decals


- 15" 7-Spoke Si Wheels/ center caps
- 205/55/15 Federals (don't make fun of me, I got a great deal on 'em).




Stock w/ Trunk-mounted 6-disc changer.

Future Mods

Not sure yet.

Posted By: whitecivic07
Date: 08/17/2007
hey bro i have a question. did u have to do anything to your projectors to fit your HID Kit? Or do you just plug them in like regular headlights?

Posted By: whitecivic07
Date: 03/18/2007
NICEEEE!!!! Check out my civic let me know what u think

Posted By: Thalia147
Date: 11/09/2005
nice civic! I use to have one but it got totaled!! I miss my shyt like crazy!

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 01/19/2005
sorry to hear it got stolen.. especially twice.. I know how you feel tho, my apartment got stripped bare less than a month ago..

Posted By: 4dr
Date: 12/22/2004

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 11/04/2004
Looks good.

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 07/18/2004
hey, i was thinking about buying one of those leather steerintg wheel wraps from honda, do you think its worth the money?

Posted By: HondacivicexBoy
Date: 09/15/2003
one of the cleanest and prettiest civics ive seen....